LOCATION : 16640 E 14th St, Ashland

ENL Nov&Dec

Friday December 8th : Official Tree Lighting Ceremony

ENL Tree Lighting


Los Rakas (live music) : 

The Grammy nominated group, Los Rakas was born in the youth centers of Oakland, CA in 2006.  This duo are of Panamanian descent and raised in both cultures.  They are the future of world music and have trendsetted their way into mainstream, touring nationwide and internationally.  Performing in both English and Spanish, their specialty is that they teach Spanish through their music- no more Rosetta Stone is needed!!  Los Rakas are known for rocking any party – from youth events to world wide festivals, they hype the crowd and get the party all the way live!   What is a Raka?  a person who is proud of who they are.   The Rakas are making sure that the voice of the pueblo is heard, their unique sound bridges cultures from all over the world.  Listen to them here, listen to them on the news, on the radio, the television, in movies, hear them in your favorite video game, read about them in the paper or online – AND be sure to catch them at a live show…  Raka Party…

Bobby Arte “I AM ASHLAND” Mural Unveiling :


Friday December 22nd : End of Season Finale & Live Music Celebration


The Memphis Blues Project: 6pm

Memphis Blues Project

Memphis Blues Project is a San Francisco East Bay Band. We bring the Sounds that Flowed from 60’s Memphis to Influence the Bay Area and the World…

Pellejo Seco: 7pm

pellejo seco

Without a doubt, Pellejo Seco marks a new plateau in Latin music in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in the East Bay in 2004 by Ivan Camblor, this eclectic group has its roots in Traditional Cuban music and performs only original compositions. The group produces a creative sound which combines the exquisite, popular and fantastic.

In its evolutionary process, Pellejo Seco has caught its own distinct flavor which intertwines progressive Fusion Rock, Latin pop, Brazilian, Flamenco, Afro-Cuban and Jazz. Ivan Camblor named the band, Pellejo Seco, and interprets it to mean Raw Hide. For Ivan the name has many meanings, one of which is to describe the dry and leathered skin of a campesino or farmer.

The Axidents: 8pm


Contact us for information on how you can use the Ashland Square space for FREE for your next event! Email edennightlive@gmail.com or APPLY ONLINE HERE .

 We are proud to announce our official partnership with KCRH 89.9FM Radio as the official DJ’s of Eden Night Live!


Eden Night Live is a vibrant, vital, and diverse space created to provide a charming retreat from urban life for the enjoyment of Ashland, Cherryland, and the surrounding communities and in doing so, will establish Eden Area’s place among the great cities of the Bay Area. As the organization committed to the curation of this space, our work is founded on the belief that citizen initiative and private philanthropy are key to ensuring that Eden Night Live and its fundamental objective persevere.

To help make this a total community experience, we encourage local businesses and organizations to adopt the space to :

  • Display and/or sell their products and/or services.

  • Promote and/or engage the community in dialog and/or programming.

  • Gather and discuss community related ideas and initiatives.

Eden Night Live is a collaborative effort between a few different entities including Eden Chamber of Commerce, DSAL (Deputy Sheriffs’ Activity League), & the Alameda County Sheriffs’ Office.

For information on how to become involved with ENL, please contact edennightlive@gmail.com